History and Philosophy

The International Gomzé Golf Club (today Golf de Liège-Gomzé) has been created in 1986 by golf architect Paul Rolin. Open since 1988, the club hosted, a few days before its official inauguration, the Captains & Presidents’ Tournament, the first official competition on this new course close to Liège. Since then, a lot of other prestigious tournaments such as the BMW Cup, the ‘Bulles Laurent Perrier’, the ‘Tournament of the Musketeers’ have been organized, and even national finals, such as the Audi Quattro Cup.

As the number of members keeps growing, it has been decided to extend and restore the clubhouse. The layout of the building has been completely redesigned, meeting rooms have been created and the size of the reception rooms doubled in order to welcome all guests at the prize-giving ceremonies. Next step is to extend the changing rooms.

As for the course, already very mature since its construction, it continues to improve and the watering of the tees, works which were started in 2007, is now operational.

Currently, the junior section has been re-examined completely and special junior competitions will soon be organised in order to train our future champions.


Le Comité Sportif: 

E. Rolin Jacquemyns, président

M. Quertainmont, secrétaire

M. Audrit, capitaine

J-L. Gavroye, vice capitaine

A. Doutreleau, capitaine section ladies

C. Meurisse, capitaine section juniors

A. Galler, capitaine section seniors

P. Franssen et M. Herbrandt