Tournament regulations

Some competitions are reserved for members of the l.G.G.C. (see the competition program 2009). Federation Cards (2009) and Handicap Certificates will be requested from all members and a fee has to be paid to compete in any competition.

According to availability, the other competitions are open to all members of Belgian and international clubs as long as they can show a Federation Card and a Handicap Certificate (max. 36). For the guests, a green fee and a competition fee will be charged. The subscriptions can be listed on the notice boards in the clubhouse or transmitted to the secretary. The lists will be closed at 5 p.m. on the Thursday preceding a Sunday competition or 48 hours before any other competition.

Starting lists will be published on the notice boards 24h before a competition and every player needs to check his own starting time.

As the number of participants could be restricted, the lists will be closed as soon as this number has been reached. Late subscriptions will be considered as ‘reserve entries’.

If a player shows up late at his designated Tee-Off time, the penalty will be established according to the Sport Committee’s rules. An arrival delay of more than 5 minutes means automatic disqualification.

The Sport Committee has the right to penalize the players who don’t show up without informing the secretary or without any serious excuse.

Every player is personally responsible of depositing his scorecard at the office of the secretary.

All single competitions played under Medal Play conditions, are ‘qualifying’ for handicap adjustment purposes.

Where scores in a competition result in a tie, ranking will be decided on the last 9, 6, 3, 12 or 15 holes.

As ‘cumul’ (winning of more than one prize) of prizes is not permitted, the net prize comes before the gross.

If the winner can’t be at the Prize giving Ceremony, his prize will automatically be given to the next competitor, except if the Sports Committee decides that it was completely unavoidable. The Prize giving Ceremony will take place 30 minutes after the arrival of the last team.

In order to ensure a successful competition, the Sports Committee may decide at all times to modify the formula and take all necessary measures.

Only the members who have a medical certificate, are allowed to take a buggy, except for the Club Championship where all buggies are forbidden. Seniors are allowed to play the club competitions in a buggy.

On the course and in the clubhouse, please respect the vestimentary rules.